Make your RC look radical with a set of 3 Piece Split Rims

Want to give your radio control monster truck a touch of the wow factor? Need the beast to stand out from other scale models when you race it at events in the future? Take a closer look at the RC Wheels that you have fitted at the moment, are they super-cool 3 Piece Slit Rims? If not, why haven’t you fitted a set of 3 Piece Split Rims yet, surely that would funk up the look of the truck in next to no time? A shiny set of 3 Piece Split Rims would totally transform the outer appearance of the truck. Instead of riding on factory produced products your truck would tear up the track with its super-grippy 3 Piece Split Rims and look pretty nifty in the process.

They look just like the real thing

Bet you’ve seen countless sets of 3 Piece Split Rims on cars and trucks before. Have you seen 3 Piece Split Rims as alloy RC Wheels though, not many manufacturers produce this type of product. You’ll find plenty of imitation 3 Piece Split Rims but they tend to made from plastic materials. For the real deal insist on 3 Piece Split rims made from alloy materials, they look better, feel better and last longer as well. A set of RC 3 Piece Split Rims look just the same as their full size cousins but they are made for miniature models. They’re constructed to the same standards as the full size versions, they’re just made smaller that’s all!

Assembling 3 Piece Split Rims isn’t difficult

Buy a set of 3 Piece Split Rims from a manufacturer like Sapphire Spinning Ltd online and they arrive in the post disassembled in kit form. Fear not though because a set of alloy 3 Piece Split Rims are really easy to assembly, you’ll soon have them pieced together in hardly any time at all. Make sure you buy a set of tyres for the 3 Piece Split Rims as the same time; something chunky and durable will look brilliant when fitted to the wheels. Alloy RC Wheels are inexpensive to buy, they vastly improve the look and the handling of your scale model and they can be assembled in a matter of minutes.



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