Who is responsible for making sure fire extinguishers are in good working order?

Fire extinguishers are essential items to have on any commercial or business premises and the fire extinguishers must be highly visible so that the fire stewards or fire marshalls have easy and quick access to the fire extinguishers during emergencies. Fire extinguishers must be installed in buildings so that they are ready for use at all times for its intended purpose. It is a legal requirement for the fire extinguishers to be clearly visible or have easy recognisable symbolic signs directing them to the fire extinguishers. As well as the fire extinguishers, the other fire protection systems in the building must be recorded and maintained by the owner of the building. And all fire extinguishers must comply with regulatory standards therefore it is important that you’ve bought fit and working fire extinguishers made to a high quality standard. Only fire extinguishers that has been designed, constructed, filled, recharged, reconditioned, modified, repaired, inspected and tested in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act can be used. Whether or not they are fire safety trained, the fire extinguishers can only be used if they comply with the regulations and terms stated in the health and safety act. To ensure the safety of your building and occupants are protected and not at risk, it is the owner’s responsibility that the companies inspecting, testing and repair the fire extinguishers have the relevant permits issued by the country’s Regulatory Body of Bureau Standards. There are many different fire extinguishers to choose from – from CO2, dry powder, water and foam fire extinguishers, all serve different purposes and are suitable for certain environments. For example, water fire extinguishers would not be suitable for environments that have many electrical outlets that could cause electrical failings, short circuits or cause further damage to your electrical components. If you’re unsure which fire protection systems would be suitable for your property, it is recommended for you to seek the advice of professional fire safety and fire protection systems experts to help you plan and prepare for emergency fire outbreaks.



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