The choice of Shopfitting products

In order for Shopfitting to be safe and to ensure that it works well it should always be undertaken by professional shopfitters. There are lots of companies in the UK who offer a shopfitting service and many of these will provide state of the art shopfitting products to keep retail environments at the forefront of design and technology. There is lots of health and safety considerations when retail businesses come to decide on what shopfitting products will be right for their store. The shopfitting company will be able to advise customers on what will work best for their store and what will be the safest option to help avoid any workplace accidents.

Buffer systems and custom made profiles are used around counter areas, fridges, display units and in many other places and they stop trolleys and customers bumping into units and causing damage to themselves or the counters. These shopfitting products will stop people catching their clothing or skin on sharp edges as they will cover any joints in counter tops making them completely safe. All supermarkets and convenience stores will use buffer systems within their stores and they will need to find a shopfitting company who specialises in these products. Some shopfitting companies who offer a range of PVC products will also supply a range of boat fendering solutions. Boat fendering like buffer shopfitting systems are designed to create a rail around the boat that takes the impact when the boat docks or if it was to bang into another boat. It stops the body of the boat being damaged as the boat fendering takes the impact.

Shopfitting buffer systems are mainly created using PVC but boat fendering profiles can be made from PVC, rubber or PVR. PVR has a number of advantages over rubber for boat fendering as it has excellent UV resistance, in non-marking and the colour will not bleed. Most shopfitting companies will supply a standard range of buffer systems but they may also offer a bespoke service to create custom systems that meet their customer’s exact requirements.



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