What Does HGV Insurance Cover?

HGV insurance covers far more than just the vehicle you are driving. In most cases, you will be moving valuable products; therefore, you really do need cover for the products you are carrying. It is important to check your level of content cover. Most policies have an upper limit, there are also some exceptions included on many policies. For example, some electronics may not be covered.

Some policies cover everything, but many do not. You need to know what the situation would be if your load is burnt, flood damaged, stolen or damaged as the result of an accident.

Some, but not all, policies include breakdown insurance. If a policy does not include it, you really do need to buy this kind of insurance, unless, of course, you have your own mechanics and breakdown truck.

Most policies provide cover for any qualified driver. However, some only cover a named driver. This kind of insurance is really only suitable for owner-drivers.

Tips for Buying HGV Insurance

As with all forms of vehicle insurance, it is important to shop around and do your research when buying HGV insurance. Doing so will ensure that you get a policy that covers you for every eventuality and that you are not paying too much for it.

How much you will have to pay is in part dependant on the type of vehicle you are insuring. It is obviously far cheaper to insure a 7.5 tonne truck than it is a 44 tonne arctic.

HGV Insurance for Fleets

If you run more than one vehicle, it is well worth looking for HGV insurance brokers or companies that will do a deal on insurance for several vehicles. Even if your fleet is made up of several different kinds of lorries, it is still possible to buy policies to cover all of your vehicles. However, you do need to let your policy provider know when you add a new kind of lorry to your fleet to ensure continuity of cover. If you are adding larger lorries to your fleet, you may have to pay a small additional premium to get the higher level of cover you need.


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