How to lower the cost of Vehicle Insurance

If you are like me and find the rising cost of Vehicle Insurance to be unacceptable how are you going to lower your premium next year? Do you have any plans in place that’ll bring the price of your Vehicle Insurance down or are you just going to take it on the chin like you always do? Let’s fight together on this issue and look at ways that it might be possible to lower Vehicle Insurance. There must be some ways to bring the cost of Vehicle Insurance tumbling, whether you are looking for Motor Cycle Insurance for a Motto Guzzi or need car insurance for a classic Camaro. I did some thinking about Vehicle Insurance and looked at ways that you could reduce a yearly premium.

Choose the right car

You can hardly complain if you buy a Ferrari California then moan that the Vehicle Insurance is sky high. Therefore, before you stump up the cash for a new car why not check out the bracket for the Vehicle Insurance first. Obviously engine size and value of the car will have some say in the overall cost of the Vehicle Insurance as will the age of the driver. Don’t expect to pay a small premium if you try to get a quote for Vehicle Insurance on a Porsche 911 turbo and you are under 25, then again, you shouldn’t pay over the odds if you are fifty and fancy a Fiat 500. The same goes for Motor Cycle Insurance so pick and choose your ideal runabout with care.

Park it in the right place

Mention the words, “it’ll be parked on the road” when sales agents are trying to sell you Vehicle Insurance and that’s not going to go down well. They like to hear, “on the driveway” or better still, “in my garage” when you request a quote for Vehicle Insurance. The price of Vehicle Insurance will drop dramatically if you can park in a garage overnight and it’s the same for Motor Cycle Insurance as well. So think about where you park your vehicle and that can have an impact on the cost of your Vehicle Insurance in the future. Plus if you lower your mileage, don’t modify the car and have an insurance-approved alarm fitted, that’ll see the price plummet as well.




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