Where to secure a Vault Copy of your birth certificate

If you are a South African resident and need to obtain a Vault Copy of your birth certificate would you know how to go about this process? You might need to apply for a Vault Copy of your birth certificate if you wanted to obtain dual citizenships for example that shows where you were born and who your parents were. Finding help to locate birth records will almost certainly be essential if you to receive an indisputable Vault Copy. This is where the assistance of professional Vault Copy specialists can prove to vital, experts that help people to find an Unabridged Marriage Certificate as and when the need arises. You can apply for a Vault Copy through an online application process at companies like Passport Assist.

Fill in the right forms for a Vault Copy

Take a trip to the website of companies like Passport Assist and they provide easy to fill in forms that start the ball rolling when you require a Vault Copy of your birth certificate. You can choose from a host of different services when you apply for a Vault Copy, there are options for you to apply at Home Affairs, the application is processed and you collect the copy from the office of application. Or you can leave everything in the very capable hands of the specialists they’ll process your application and can courier the Vault Copy back to you. Bear in mind though, if you have a copy couriered to you by the experts that’s going to cost more, it’s the same for an Unabridged Marriage Certificate as well.

What details are required to secure a Vault Copy?

Basically you are provided with a straightforward form to fill in when you apply for a Vault Copy just fill in all fields and there shouldn’t be any problems. Your name and the names of your father and mother will be required along with your ID numbers, plus the birthplace of all parties. The date that your parents married will be needed when you apply for a Vault Copy, if you were born out of wedlock make a note of that on the form. Make sure you include a contact number and an email address just in case there are any problems with the application for the Vault Copy, if you fill in all fields there shouldn’t be any niggles really. Passport Assist is the company to approach if you need a Vault Copy or an Unabridged Marriage Certificate in the future, you’ll find their details online.



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