Use specialist noise consultants for expert advice

If you’re concerned about noise pollution or the environmental impact of your project ACCON UK’s environmental consultants can provide assistance. Noise consultants should be brought in for a wide range of project types or situations from property development sites and railway improvement schemes to noise dispute cases. Noise consultants can conduct an assessment to measure noise pollution and give you a report on the impact on the surrounding environment.

By using specialist environmental consultants you’ll be sure that your project has a minimal impact on the environment and keep your neighbours happy too. You can hire a team of environmental consultants to compile a full scale report on all environmental factors relating to your project. We work to ensure industrial work stays at a safe, environmentally friendly level. Our noise consultants can be introduced at various stages of a project; providing consultation even before work begins, for example using them in the design process. Further along you may require us to conduct surveys, assessments or provide monitoring over an extended time.

Our team is highly trained to deal with a wide range of acoustic and vibration cases, with some members holding 35 years of experience under their belts. We ensure our environmental consultants remain up to date with the latest legislation. They’ll provide detailed reports and come up with workable solutions or adjustments, where applicable, that you can implement within the scope of your project.

We can also help in the case of complaints against you concerning noise from your site. Our consultants are experienced at giving evidence in court. It can be all too common that although you have taken measures to ensure noise levels are at a suitable level you still receive complaints. We’ll support you through frivolous claims and our noise consultants are happy to provide testimonials.

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