Discarded paperwork is a ticking time bomb

Forget the computers and other expensive equipment in the office. The most valuable asset lying around is often casually unguarded – information. Look around at all that paperwork. It contains a goldmine of confidential information that could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of document shredding, until it’s too late of course. Once vital financial or product information has fallen into the hands of competitors there’s no going back. The mistake has been made. Any organisation that discards paperwork without thinking about the consequences is running the risk of a major disaster.

Paper shredding needs to be standard. Nothing should be thrown away in tact where it can become a problem that comes back to haunt the person who discarded it. Some organisations generate mountains of paperwork. Not to worry. If shredding on an industrial scale is what it takes to keep on top of the situation then companies should consider the services of a dedicated partner who provides these services.

These partners can take care of all the document shredding needs. They’ll dispose of sensitive and potentially damaging (in the wrong hands) documents quickly and efficiently. It’s the smarter and more modern way to work. These are the times that businesses operate in.

Unfortunately it’s all too easy to become complacent and think that once paperwork is discarded it can’t do any harm; it will just end up where no one will get to it. Think again. Paper shredding is an insurance policy – a guarantee, even – that competitors won’t get their hands on information that they could use to their advantage. Personal data is protected and organisations can relax safe in the knowledge that paperwork is being disposed of correctly. It’s easy to avoid data breaches thanks to better secure shredding services.

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