Increase your customer base with pavement signs

Pavement signs are used for on-street advertising and can usually be found outside shops or similar establishments. They are usually two-sided and have feature different displays on each side. They are mainly used to promote the services that a store provides and can be very persuasive in terms of encouraging a potential customer to venture inside an establishment to make a purchase. They will usually inform passers-by of special offers or any other attractive service that might be on offer.

Investing in longevity

A good pavement sign can be expected to incorporate anti-vandalism and theft features within its framework whilst allowing its contents to be altered freely and swiftly. They may feature the branding of an organisation prominently and are highly powerful in attracting the attentions of would-be customers.

The most common type of pavement sign is labelled the A-Board. These signs are generally more robust than other alternatives and offer better protection from the elements. They are made of durable materials such as aluminium and because of this can offer much longevity and remain in use for a long period of time. However, they do tend to be less stable than some alternatives and are likely to blow over when winds are high. Some shop owners may wish to invest in alternative pavement signs such as the Swinger design. The more you pay for pavement signs, the more durability and quality you can expect to enjoy from them.

Attracting maximum attention

The weighted bases that you’ll find incorporated into pavement signs make them more resilient towards wind as they would otherwise be. The heavier the base, the better a pavement sign will perform, although there is perhaps some compromise to be made, as the heavier bases will inevitably lead to a compromise on portability, with wheels often being built in to enable owners to easily transport them in and out of their premises when needed. A sign can be a key factor in determining whether a potential customer will enter your shop and make a purchase, so if you have a service you feel you should advertise, you may wish to consider raising awareness via a durable and dependable pavement sign.



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