A dog fence or can keep you pet secure and away from harm

Do you need a dog fence or dog containment system to keep your pet safe?

If you have a puppy or a new dog, or if you have recently moved house, then you may have a very real concern that they might escape from your garden. Dogs love to jump and dig, so it can be difficult to make sure that they are secure and safe in your garden without raising your fence levels and extending them into the ground, creating a huge amount of work for you and possibly spoiling your enjoyment of the garden. The alternative to all of this is to install a dog fence, or dog containment system.


What is a dog fence and how can it help you?

The principle upon which a dog fence works is a fairly simple one. A boundary wire is run along the length of the area in which you wish to enclose your pet; normally this would be the line of your garden fence. The boundary wire is then connected to a power point so that it can emit a radio signal – it is important to note that the wire is not electrified and does not carry any electrical current. After the wire is installed, you place a sensor collar on your dog. When your hound approaches the boundary wire, the collar picks up the radio signal and beeps to warn the dog away. Should the dog continue to get closer to the wire, a small stimulation is emitted in the collar, to discourage them from approaching further. Within three or four days, your dog will avoid the boundary completely.


Where can you get a dog fence?

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