Competitive cycle insurance quotes for a wide range of reasons from the experts at Velosure.

With increased education people of the 21st century understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle; this increased knowledge has meant major changes in diet, and exercise.Along with the increase in the number of gym memberships and sales through organic and wholefood shops, people in general are much more willing to get back to basics and embrace the great outdoors incorporating fresh air and exercise in one. Cycling has been one of the most popular hobbies of this kind for many years, bikes are also becoming more popular as an environmentally friendly transport mode, whatever your reason for cycling whether you are amateur or professional it is absolutely essential that you protect yourself and your asset with great quality road or mountain bike insurance.

Velosure, is a forward thinking company located in Warrington, UK we have been specialising in the provision of high quality and competitive cycle insurance quotes and cover for people all over the country for over 15 years. We cover a wide range of applications from mountain bike insurance and competitive racing to standard cycles and hybrid models for cover in the UK and Europe. We boast a team of professionals who have a wealth of knowledge in this very niche industry and are well armed and equipped to offer impartial advice and information on all areas of cycle insurance quotes. All these attributes coupled with the fastest possible response in the event of a claim coupled with an unfaltering commitment to complete customer satisfaction to each and every client means we are rightfully considered amongst the very best in the business and the first and only port of call when it comes to finding cycle insurance quotes and then securing sound, reliable mountain bike insurance in the most efficient and hassle free manner.