What is security screening?

Security screening is used to electronically screen people when entering a secure area. This could be at an airport, court, prisons and museums. These are used to detect anything dangerous such as chemicals, weapons, aerosols or anything that could be used to harm. The reason for security screening is to obviously prevent harm to yourselves and those of others around you. Screening used to be done with metal detectors but now with our modern technology we can now security screen through X ray devises such as full body security scanners, people scanners and X ray technologies where items may be placed onto a conveyor belt and X rayed, picking up anything untoward on a monitor.

There are two types of full body security screening available, One is a general use x ray device where as the other is a millimetre wave. These are used by a person entering the inspection zone and either security screening device will alert the attendants of anything suspicious. You may be thinking that these may not be safe but the X rays only give out very little radiation so nothing in which would harm. You could even have screen after screen without any harm at all in fact we all live around radiation so much so that within 42 minutes of our lives we will receive more radiation than from walking through security screening.

So what will be picked up through the security screening process? Allsorts especially any chemical, aerosols, food, knifes. Even if you think it isn’t harmful it will still be picked up so think before you pack your luggage or a parcel. Also organic material may be picked up, although you may think its dangerous it has been known that organic material is used in explosives and chemicals so don’t worry if you’re pulled over after security screening. It may just be that you have some organic material in your case!

You will have nothing to worry about regarding security screening as is all safe and very above board. It is now a necessity to have such screenings not only on travelling passengers but on belongings also and by using such security screenings it has proved to be a quicker and more efficient way of searching people and belongings so you know your own safety has been taken care of just by ensuring everyone and everything is security screened.

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