Create the perfect vehicle with Double cab canopies

Double cab canopies and aluminium canopies are commonly fitted onto 4×4 and SUV type vehicles and they allow the vehicle to be used for many more purposes. Many SUV vehicles come with an open back and this area can be used for many different purposes by adding double can canopies and this makes it a popular choice with tradesmen and people who enjoy the great outdoors. Within South Africa SUV and 4×4 vehicles are very popular as there is lots of open bush land and natural parks that people will be keen to explore and if they work in these areas they will need a vehicle that can cope with this rough terrain. SUV’s make ideal vehicles for farming work, safaris, construction and other tradesmen but with an open cab the items kept in this area are vulnerable to theft. Double cab canopies are one of the most popular aluminium canopies as they are very versatile and can be utilised for many different purposes.

The main features of double cab canopies are they have full side doors, a full rear door, locks on all doors, stainless gas strut brackets, hinges only removable from the inside providing a more secure canopy, water and dust tight seals on all doors, on double cab canopies all panels and doors close flush for a more aesthetic appeal, aluminium canopies have no rivets as everything is welded, bolted or structurally bonded for a professional finish. Double cab canopies come with the choice of a number of custom options including windows front and or rear, a roof rack with a wind deflector, aluminium canopies with a side window, draw system which is removable and customizable and a kitchen unit for cooking and making refreshments whilst out in the vehicle. Double cab canopies and aluminium canopies are ideal for storing tools and work equipment in to keep them safe and out of view. Aluminium canopies can be customised to the customer’s exact specifications and this makes them a very appealing option.

Double cab canopies and aluminium canopies that are made by independent manufacturers rather than ones made by the vehicle manufacturers will tend to cost significantly less without customers having to compromise on quality and appearance. Buying from an independent manufacturer also means that customers will have more flexibility to create double cab canopies and aluminium canopies that meet their exact requirements.

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