Top features of a Bernina 830

The Bernina 830 sewing machine is a reliable, luxury and high performance sewing and embroidery machine. Bernina 830 maximises the skill of sewing professionals where it’s able to make you sew faster and accurately than non industrial standard machines. Bernina 830 makes you more efficient and effective therefore helping you complete more orders in a short space of time, resulting in more revenue and profit.

Bernina 830 is a long term investment as it offers you high performance and luxury embroidery finishes. Giving you better quality products which can attract a higher price tag. The unbeatable speeds it offers ensures your orders are ready and completed in time. Happier customers result in repeat custom and helps you to grow a loyal client base.

There are many features of the Bernina 830. The extended arm and height gives you an extremely roomy 15 inch working space which is one of the largest working space available from any home sewing machine. The larger space allows you to produce creations made from thicker and wider material such as curtains, duvet covers, long evening dresses and long coats.

With Bernina 830, you can sew up to 1100 stitches per minute. This is one of the fastest speeds seen on any home machine. Being able to stitch at these speeds means your projects can be completed at a fraction of the time it normally takes on a less capable machine. You’ll be able to finish your product a lot earlier which means you can either take on more work to fill up your time. Or have longer more relaxed breaks in between one project to another.

Bernina 830 includes a stitch regulator which helps with easy free motion sewing. The bernina sewing machine also allows you complete stitch control with the 360 degrees multi directional sewing capability.

The Bernina 830 comes with a 7 inch touch screen which is centrally located so you can quickly glance between both the needle area and screen. You can even customise embroidery designs by simply dragging and dropping the different built in motifs on screen.


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