Protect your tech with gadget insurance

These days most of us own at least one high-end gadget, be it a smartphone, a music device, an e-reader, a tablet or a laptop, making us more technologically mobile than ever before. But, have you thought about insuring your precious purchases? Hopefully the answer is yes, because with these pieces of kit ranging from less than £100 to £700 and beyond they can be incredibly expensive to replace should they be lost, stolen or damaged in any way, and that’s why investing in adequate gadget insurance should be at the top of the agenda.

You only need to add up the cost of these various items to see how necessary the right kind of insurance can be, and if you throw in the fact that many people carry several devices around with them at any one time it becomes even more important. A lot of consumers simply underestimate the value of the items they have, but that can be a big mistake—bags will often contain a smartphone, a music device, an e-reader and even a tablet computer, so what would you do if it was stolen? It’s becoming an increasingly prevalent occurrence with knifepoint robberies going up by 10% in the last year, mainly down to the sheer expense of the items contained in people’s bags.

If you haven’t got the right kind of insurance in place you could easily lose out should the worst happen, and don’t be fooled into thinking that your gadget providers will offer suitable levels of protection. Not only will you have to spend far more than if you went to a specialist provider (such as Gadget Cover) but you won’t always get the best level of cover either, with the iPhone insurance offered by an AppleCare Protection Plan paling in comparison to the protection offered by premium providers. You should always seek gadget insurance and iPhone insurance from specialists in the area, and if you do you can be confident in protecting your tech against anything that could come your way.

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