Burger Van and mobile catering

Burger Van and mobile catering

Councils are being given more increased pressure due to the financial deficit that the country is currently in; the government has basically cut most council’s budget by about a quarter in real terms year on year for the next 4 years. To most councils this only means one thing and that is that they will have to make people redundant. At least 50-60% of each departmental spend tends to be staff, this means that if councils don’t think smart then thousands and thousands of staff may be finding themselves redundant. You may be confused as to how mobile fish and chips may equate to a resolution to this problem but we will get to that. This article is aimed at informing councils on other actions they can try and take and also to try to inform them on how things such as mobile fish and chips can play their part in bridging the gap. The article will then conclude by informing you on where you can find more information on burger vans as well as mobile catering.

Parks, green spaces and mobile catering

All councils have parks and green spaces and most councils host events or allow people to host events, well this is what they need to do more of as this is one way they can try and generate revenue. Councils can do this by hosting the following types of events:

Family based fun days – these can help generate income as well as being fun for the people who live in the local area. They can be relatively cheap to run especially if you run a volunteer system. Burger vans can be used at this event to ensure that everyone gets fed and watered.
Concerts – this doesn’t have to be with big artists or bands but can be purely a way that local musicians and bands can try and get themselves heard. These types of events can either be family orientated or more adult with alcohol included.
As you can see there are any positive reasons why you might consider using burger vans, if you would still like more information then this can be found by entering the keywords ‘burger vans’ into an internet search engine.


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