The uses for acoustic fencing

Acoustic fencing is a special type of fencing that some fencing contractors will supply and install. People who are looking for domestic fencing solutions or decorative fencing for their home will not tend to need acoustic fencing and this type of fencing is most commonly used in commercial and industrial settings. There are a number of different types of acoustic fencing for different purposes and fencing contractors will help customers choose the right fencing for their requirements. Fencing contractors who sell acoustic fencing will also tend to sell other types of commercial and industrial fencing such as security, sports, temporary fencing, steel railings and social housing fencing solutions.

Acoustic fencing can be used for sound absorption and can have reflective acoustic properties. Fencing contractors should be happy to offer customers free no obligation quotes for the type of fencing they require. The various different acoustic fencing products available include timber, concrete and steel fencing panels all available in various heights and with various finishes. Sound control fencing will often be used at roadsides, around airports and railways and around workplaces that generate a lot of noise. These fencing solutions will dramatically reduce the amount of noise that is heard beyond the fencing. Different types of acoustic fencing will be better at controlling different sounds and fencing contractors will ensure customers choose the best solution for their location.

Some fencing contractors who manufacture their own acoustic fencing will be able to create bespoke fencing solutions that meet the exact design specifications of the client. Fencing contractors will often be hired to install security fencing around commercial and domestic properties to try and prevent intruders and vandals and some sound control fencing will also work well as security fencing if it is a considerable height. The cost of acoustic fencing will depend on how much customers require and if they want the fencing contractors to install it for them.



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