Vegetable Seeds

2013 has seen some unusual weather in the UK it has to be said! As a gardener you may be wondering if it’s now too late in the year to plant your seeds. Early planting tends to begin in March for vegetables you want to harvest in the summer months. We had widespread snow right into March though so outdoor planting was out of the question. Now as the weather finally becomes milder we can put our favourite summer vegetable seeds into the ground for a late harvest at the end of the summer.

What to plant?

Eating in summer is so exciting. Plan your summertime lunches and dinners before you buy your vegetable seeds so you’ll have a delicious plate of veg that you really want to eat. You’ll want lots of colour, flavour and versatility.

French beans will grow just as well outside as inside in mild climates like our own. If you started your green bean vegetable seeds indoors already then you can plant them out in May or June. You can use green beans in just about any recipe. Make a fresh Salad Nicoise, substitute cucumber for green beans in a Greek salad or make any number of light summer stews. These are best steamed to retain their nutrients and keep their natural crunch.
Endive or Chicory is a relative of the Daisy family so it’s quite hardy in outdoor conditions. It’s a fantastic alternative to lettuce in a salad, lending big punchy flavour and crunch that can stand up to rich cheeses like stilton. You can look with it too; throw it in the roasting tin with your favourite joint or use instead of cauliflower in a cheesy bake.
Sugar snap peas have a different planting time to ordinary garden peas. These vegetable seeds are usually planted from February to May you can just about catch the last of the planting season now especially since the seasons seem somewhat delayed this year. Sugar snaps are brilliant in kitchen gardens because they cry out to be used whole. There’s no shelling involved and you’ll get all the goodness of the pod and peas at once.

There’re plenty of other vegetable seeds as well as flower seeds that you can get busy planting right now. To watch your garden bloom with life and your pot burst with healthy food this summer get your vegetable seeds online now!



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