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Are you looking for a change in vocation? Have you decided that you need to choose from a selection of the finest electrical training courses, in order to suitably prepare yourself for your new career as an electrician or plumber? If so, and to get all the training that you need then you need only consider one name that you need to consider, and that is Alpha Building Services and Engineering.

Here at Alpha Base we offer a selection of the finest electrical training courses of any provider in the UK. Indeed, whether you are in the market for electrical training courses to start a new career or the lure of opportunity to earn a healthy salary as a plumber is too hard to resist then here at Alpha Base we have just the courses for you.

As an approved training centre by some of the most respectable governmental bodies of any course provider in the UK, there is little doubt that whether you’re looking for a business that can offer you a choice of electrical training courses then here at Alpha Base we have just the plumbing and electrical training courses for you.

Established in 1982 here at Alpha Base we adhere to one simple philosophy which is that we train and you gain. Our electrical training courses offer you comprehensive training that is of the finest calibre. Each of the individuals that attend one of our plumbing or electrical training courses is valued. You will receive a comprehensive overview of all that you need to know to enter the workplace with confidence and ability, and the sense of achievement that you will receive with one of the electrical training courses that we facilitate is palpable.

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