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Argento are a highly prestigious software company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. With a wealth of experience in writing software, Argento believe in creating a stress-free, reliable service that delivers fantastic value for money. As a company, Argento believe in creating a mutually beneficial relationship with customers by delivering real, tangible value and not bewildering clients with wordy descriptions and IT jargon. With an outstanding customer base and personal mission, Argento aim to deliver high-grade solutions for customers, with the long term goal of becoming a company well-known for value, excellence and reliability. This is expressed through providing clients with the latest software at generous rates, whether it be a fantastic reporting software product or Customer Relationship Management software, customers are promised a win-win situation with Argento.

As part of a large selection of custom products offered by Argento, Customer Relationship Management or CRM software is a program fully tailored to a customer’s business, with its cutting edge programming it’s not hard to imagine why the product is amongst the best on the market. CRM software can help companies and customers to keep a track of interactions with current and future clients. The software involves using very modern technology to organise, automate and synchronize sales. The program has also been created to help monitor and again organise marketing, customer service and also support, all these developed into one package has created the ultimate product for customers in need of extra support with their business, with the software helping to streamline their customer relations process. All of this service from Argento like other products e.g. Report Software are delivered to clients to create a win-win result out of every interaction, transaction and situation the customer is involved with whilst in business with Argento. As developers, Argento strives to meet deadlines and the cost demands of customers and at the same time deliver a high-quality software solution.



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