The Independent Travel Agent is Back

After a period of falling trade, many independent travel agents are finding that there is once again growing demand for their services.

For various reasons British holidaymakers are once again turning to independent travel agents when they want a break. Hundreds more have turned to A1Travel for cheap holidays this year, than last year.

Each holidaymaker has his or her own reasons for doing so, but the main reason seems to be security. There is a growing realisation amongst UK travellers that booking their own accommodation and flights has drawbacks. The main problem is what happens if something goes wrong. The recent troubles in Egypt are yet another reminder of the need to be careful about how a holiday is bought. The foreign office is advising people not to travel there, apart from to the Red Sea Resorts. This is advice that most travellers are heeding, but those who have already booked a holiday are worried.

All of the news channels have interviewed travel specialist and asked what people should do if they have already booked flights and accommodation. During these interviews, it becomes apparent that independent travellers are very much on their own, and that they stand to lose their money. On the other hand, those who have booked a package holiday with a reputable firm of independent travel agents, such as A1Travel are covered. They should be offered an alternative, so will not lose their money.

As a result, of news stories like this, and the Icelandic volcanic dust one many UK holidaymakers are going back to booking holidays through independent travel agents. They are quite well informed, so are specifically looking for those agencies that are ABTA agents and offer ATOL financial security.

The highest demand is for cheap holidays

Those independent travel agents like A1travel who offer cheap holidays with all the proper cover are seeing the biggest growth in business. Most people are on tighter budgets, so spend a lot of time shopping around before booking a holiday. For those agents who consistently offer the best deals the future is bright, without a doubt they will continue to see their businesses grow. For more information, please visit the website:

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