What does Allon4 Mean?

If you are fed up with wearing dentures and have spoken to a dentist, the chances are you have been offered implants as an alternative. It is a good solution, which works well for all kinds of people.

However, a lot of people do not know that there are several kinds of dental implants in common use in the UK. Each system has its merits, but one of the best is the all-on-4 solution. The clue to what this system involves is in the name. This dental system makes it possible to fit a full set of permanent replacement teeth to the upper or lower jaw using only 4 points of connection.

The Advantages of the All-on-four System of Dental Implants

This system of implants has several advantages over other types of replacement teeth. The biggest advantage is that the fitting process is far faster, and, therefore, less stressful for the patient.

The fact that less work has to be done in the mouth means that there is far less risk of infection. This, in turn, means that the implants are more likely to bed in correctly and be comfortable to use, sooner.

Once in place there are several other advantages to all-in-four implants over dentures. Because they are fixed to your jaw they are 100% secure. They will not move or fall out.

Because your palette is uncovered, you will be able to taste your food much more than you did when you wore dentures. Your bite is more stable, which means you can eat anything you like.

Maintaining these teeth is just as easy as maintaining natural teeth. They are cleaned in the same way, which means there is no need for special cleaning tablets. Nor is there a need to buy adhesives, or creams to treat sore or infected gums.

Most people find that when they have all-on-4 implants fitted their facial profile changes for the better. Their teeth are more like natural teeth, so they do not distort the mouth in any way, which can happen with dentures. There is no risk of a sagging jaw line with all-on-4 implants.

To find out more about all-on-4 implants visit http://www.allon4-dentist.co.uk/. There you can get all of your questions answered as well as find a dentist that offers this service in your area.