Why Buy Your Luxury Car Second Hand?

If you are thinking of buying a luxury car, it is well worth considering buying a used one rather than a brand new one. The main reason for doing so is that you will get far more for your money. Most people realise that when they buy a new car, the moment it is driven off the forecourt it loses around 20% of its value. However, with a luxury car the price difference is sometimes much bigger, up to 28% on the most expensive models.

If you are prepared to buy a car that is just a year old, you can save yourself around 25% of the price of the vehicle. This means that instead of buying a C class Mercedes you could afford to buy an E class.

It may also allow you to buy the car without using finance. If you put aside what you would have been paying out in finance over the next few years, your next car can be even better than your current one.

It is not all about the Money

However, buying a used luxury car is not all about saving money. If a new car has a fault, due to an error in the factory, the chances are that, the fault will manifest itself within a few weeks of the car being driven. Buying a used car usually means that you reduce the risk of buying a car that spends most of its early life in the garage. Buying used leaves someone else all the hassle of bedding in a new car.

In addition, the large engines in luxury cars take a while to loosen up. They run far better and provide a smoother ride after a couple of months of use.

You Get a Beautiful Car for Less

When someone buys a luxury car, they are usually proud of it. This means that, normally, they keep them immaculate. For someone, on a tight budget, who wants a luxury car this is very good news. It means that they can easily find a car that is 4 to 10 years old that is in perfect condition for less than £15,000.

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