The Little Known Car Insurance Error That Could Lead To A Fine

Methods for discovering drivers or cars that do not have adequate levels of insurance are getting more sophisticated every day. With more advanced ways of checking records, there is no escape for most motorists. Make sure you are not caught out by having the right insurance in place, otherwise you risk receiving a warning letter at best, with the risk of more dire consequences to come if steps are not taken to address the matter.

No escape for the uninsured

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA, has been working with the MIB, or Motor Insurers’ Bureau in a scheme where records are cross-checked to see if the correct insurance is in place. As a result, more than five million warning letters have been sent to motorists who have been found lacking.

The letter tells vehicle owners that they must get the correct insurance, get hold of a statutory off-road notification or SORN, which means the vehicle is not being used on public thoroughfares, or wait for fines, and possibly prosecution in court. The DVLA is really cracking down as cars lacking insurance is a multifaceted problem that costs innocent people a lot of money. Untaxed vehicles are another source of lost revenue for the DVLA too, and for more on this issue, see this report from The Guardian.

Working in partnership

The scheme works by taking data and records from the Motor Insurance Database and then comparing this with information from the DVLA database. Used together, details of drivers who do not have insurance are found.

With so many easy ways to buy motor trade insurance and other forms of vehicle insurance online, there is no reason to delay getting your insurance taken care of and voiding any possibility of getting a penalty. If you want to find out more about fantastic deals for motor trade insurance then it would be a great idea to look at a comparison site such as that brings loads of great offers together on one site and makes comparing quotes easy.

Having the right insurance for your vehicle is the sensible and responsible thing to do. Though some motorists resent the cost, in the case of an accident it is good to know that cover is in place for yourself and others.

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