The Pros and Cons of a Career in Catering

If you are looking for an interesting job, you really should consider getting involved in catering. It is an industry that offers plenty of variety. There is always something new going on. As people’s tastes and needs change, so the catering industry evolves.

Despite all of this, catering work is not necessarily for everyone. As with any industry, there are pros and cons to working in catering. Here we will consider what they are to help you to decide if working in the industry is for you or not.

The Potential Issues

First, the possible drawbacks of working in catering. Typically, the hours are long, and you are likely to find that you will be asked to work a lot of weekends and evenings. This is not the case for all roles, but given that most restaurants, bars and clubs are busiest at these times, that is when the bulk of the staff work. If this is a problem for you look instead for work at conference centres or in staff canteens.

The other major con is that most catering work is quite demanding. Usually you do not need much physical strength, but you do need stamina. Most of the time you will be very busy and you will be on your feet all day. You can find lighter work within the industry, but normally these jobs are backroom roles, such a procurement or marketing roles or office work.

There are other issues with working in the industry, but these are minimal and to be honest are not unlike the drawbacks of working in most other industries. Therefore, we are not going to consider them here.

The Benefits of Working in Catering

There are many pluses to working in the industry. Probably the biggest benefit is the fact that there is a lot of work available. Skills are easily transferable, so you can have a varied career if you decide to work in catering. Many people start out working for someone else and later successfully set up their own catering firm. People with the right drive and enthusiasm can progress quickly within the industry.

If you are looking for work within the hospitality industry take a look at the specialist catering recruitment website. There you will find hundreds of vacancies and be able to easily find work in your area.

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