New catering equipment to be used in Cheltenham eatery

There are many things that restaurants must get right if they are to succeed and one of these is the catering equipment they use.

After all, it is impossible to prepare high-quality food and drink for consumers without the appropriate catering kitchen equipment.

One new eatery that will be hoping it has succeeded on this front is Masala Bites Thali and Tiffin Kitchen.

According to a report on, the restaurant, which is based in Cheltenham, has now officially opened for business.

It claimed that it was capable of delivering a “an exciting Indian dining experience.”

The news source added: “Cheltenham diners and fans of Indian cuisine across the county are in for a tantalising, and healthier, treat, as brand new restaurant Masala Bites Thali and Tiffin Kitchen opens on the town’s Albion Street.”

Meanwhile, the owners of the establishment describe it as a unique dining experience.

The premises, including the catering equipment within it, underwent a transformation and it is now supposed to combine fine dining with a relaxed cafe-style experience. added: “Devised to provide a simple and healthy dining experience, the concept of thali (which means plate in Hindi) will be at the heart of Masala Bites’ ethos – with a typical meal consisting of numerous dishes to create a balance meal.”

Also, the owners, who chose to locate their eatery complete with its catering kitchen equipment in the centre of the town, are keen to avoid artificial flavourings and unhealthy cooking oils, while vegetables will be sourced daily from markets in the surrounding area.

The menu is described as “varied and intriguing” and it includes highlights such as lamb with mint and coriander and a tuna fish curry. There is also a selection of light bites to choose from.

Commercial kitchens around the UK are serving an increasingly broad range of culinary offerings. The trend is partly being fuelled by the rising prominence of food culture as it is portrayed by country’s media.

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