Are The Banks Killing Small Businesses?

There is nothing that English people love more than talking about the weather over a nice cup of tea. Just so long as the moment they finish talking about the weather they get to snarl angry diatribes about bankers and the banking system that is.

But is it fair for us to label the banks the evil monsters behind our financial problems or is there more to it than that?

It is generally believed and understood that the banks had a lot to do with the recent decent into a major recession. But with the recession allegedly behind us and banks now romping their way back to huge profits, and of course huge bonuses, surely the banks are back to lending money left, right and centre? Well, not really. And this in turn may be doing just as much damage as the recession itself.

Many viable companies have found themselves with large amounts of business debt due to the recession. But with the recession behind us many of these are in a great position to totally reverse their fortunes and start heading out into the black themselves. And yet, despite the banks’ profits, they are still reluctant to lend money, usually either refusing or asking for additional collateral.

So, maybe it is the banks’ fault that we are seeing many businesses having to close, and in turn often costing the economy even more money. But even when the banks say no, many companies are unaware they have plenty of other options to keep their head above the water. Company debt rescue is a way for many businesses to deal effectively with their business debt and find their way back into the black without the help of the banks.

With so many available options, even when the banks aren’t willing to share their profits, it is good to know that there are still options for company debt recue that can help businesses increase their own profits.

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