Shelving Is The Key To An Organised Home

Is your home in desperate need of organisation? Do you have all sorts of bits and bobs scattered about, stressing you out? The fastest way to create a more organised home is by installing more shelving – your best friend when it comes to organisation.

The ‘every wall’ approach

Every wall in your home is a potential location for shelving, even small spaces. At the bottom of the stairs? Yes. Above the TV? Yes. Bathroom wall? Definitely! The more shelves you have, the less mess there will be on your floors and surfaces. Some areas of the home may benefit from bespoke shelves built for the particular nook or cranny.

Organise your shelves

Try to make sure shelves are used according to their location. Hallway shelves are ideal for keys, phones, makeup, and perhaps a room deodoriser; in fact, hall shelves can have hooks added beneath for small bags and less-used keys. Kitchen shelves should be limited to use for food and utensil storage. Try to keep bedroom shelves uncluttered and use them for cosmetics, jewellery, books and plants. Shelves in utility areas, such as laundry rooms, sheds, garages and – to an extent – the playroom, can have labels added to them to try to encourage the rest of your household to keep them organised.

Where to buy shelves

Depending on what you need, there are many home furnishing stores that sell shelving for all sorts of budgets. For some households, industrial shelving is the ideal choice, especially for the garage, shed or laundry room. Those seeking industrial shelving in Ireland should check out specialists such as that stock a wide range of options.

Approved by experts

Shelving has been offered as a solution for a cluttered home by every guru in the world, from Marie Kondo to Kim and Aggie from Channel Four’s How Clean is Your House? All experts agree that shelves need to remain ordered and organised for you to get the benefits of them – don’t allow shelves to become another place to store clutter!

As you can see, shelving many be the answer you have been looking for. Get those bits and bobs off the surfaces and up on a shelf – and stick one wherever you can find space on the wall!

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