How Do I Know If My Website Is Successful?

If you’ve put the time and effort into developing a website, it makes sense to want to know how well your site is doing. There are several ways you can ascertain if your website is a success or not.


You can use tools such as Google Analytics to find out a wealth of information about your website, and assessing the volume of traffic you receive is one relevant indicator to measure website success. By comparing traffic volumes over time, you can work out if visitor numbers are increasing, decreasing or remaining constant. You can also look at where your traffic is coming from, such as search engines, from another website or from social media.

Bounce rate

Traffic volume alone isn’t a reliable way to determine the success of your website, as it doesn’t take into account the quality of the visits, and whether visitors convert. To get a good idea of which visitors are sticking around on your site, it’s worthwhile checking out your bounce rate. According to On Digital Marketing, the bounce rate measures when a website user hits a web page and then bounces off. The bounce rate is one of the most effective tools for measuring traffic quality. If your bounce rate is high, you need to work out why visitors are leaving your site.


Naturally, when most website owners assess how successful their site is, they’ll focus on conversion rates. After all, it’s sales that make profit. Again, Google Analytics can provide data on how effective your site is at converting, including determining conversion rates by traffic source or different promotions. Look at areas where your conversion rate is poor, and decide how you might improve this. Remember, conversion rates may not just be about sales, but could include those who sign up to your newsletter or complete a particular call to action.

If you’re unsure how to analyse conversion rates or how to improve aspects of your website to make it more successful, you may wish to consult a professional web development company in London. When you use the services of a professional web development company in London, you can capitalise on their expertise.

Once you’ve determined if your website is a success, remember that it’s an ongoing process that you need to repeat regularly to reflect changes that may occur.

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