The Best Mannequins For Your Retail Store

Having the right mannequin will give your customer the idea of what kind of merchandise they can find in your store. This is the reason why you have to be careful in selecting the mannequin. It will affect your store’s image as well as the price point of your merchandise. This is very important since usually, they are the ones that customers notice first.

Remember that mannequins are a very effective visual merchandising tool in the retail industry. This will allow the store owners to showcase their apparels, jewelry, and also their handbags that you can usually find on their shelves and hangers. Putting them on the mannequin will make it more realistic. But with so many options, how will you know which ones to choose?

TIPS For Choosing Your Mannequin

There are many mannequins for sale these days, especially online. KC Store Fixtures is one of the best sources of different kinds of mannequins, depending on your needs. Here are the different characteristics that you should take note when making your choices.

  • Your Target. Who are your possible customers? If you have not identified this yet, you should. By using this information, you would be able to decide the type of mannequin that you should have for your retail store. If your target customers are women, choose female mannequins, as well as with men targets. This will improve the effectiveness of your merchandising strategies.
  • Complete or Torso Only Mannequins. When choosing a mannequin, you have too many choices. There are full-body mannequins which gives a much realistic appearance, and there are also torso-only mannequins that are much cheaper and space-efficient.
  • Material Used. There are different materials used in mannequins. Fiberglass, plastic, resin, and there are also mannequins that are made of wood. Fiberglass is one of the best and the most popular these years. It is durable, rust-resistant, and very lightweight. This looks more realistic compared to the other options which are why more and more retail store owners choose this type.
  • Color or Appearance. When choosing your mannequins, the rule of thumb is to have the same color and style of their appearance. Its good to mix and match, however, it will not be as clean and more organized when it comes to visual merchandising. Make sure that you follow a general theme.

KC Store Fixtures

This online shop has been supplying many retail stores with the mannequins that they have available for every store owner to order. Here are the mannequins that they have available.

  • Hand Forms or Hand Displayers (available in black and white)
  • Head Forms (male or female; black or white)
  • Styrofoam Heads
  • Leg Forms (Flesh Tone Leg form from ankle to thigh-high)
  • Adult Jersey Forms
  • Children’s Flexible Forms
  • Children’s Jersey Forms
  • Children’s Mannequins
  • Children’s Plastic Shell Forms
  • Female Mannequins
  • Flexible Tube Forms
  • Male Mannequins
  • Men’s Plastic Shell Forms
  • Women’s Plastic Shell Forms

When choosing a mannequin, make sure that you know what you need. KC Store Fixtures has all the mannequin types that you are looking for. Visit their website and browse through their catalog and be amazed at what they can offer.

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