Super Cool Features Of Bitcoin Dice Games That Make It Popular

With cryptocurrency becoming increasingly popular, there is a big rise in the number of gambling games that can be played with cryptocurrency like bitcoins. Many of these games are based on bitcoin dice and provide unlimited thrill and excitement to the players. This is evident in the speed in which these games are making an entry in the market. In order to make the most of your online gambling and gaming, it is imperative that you understand the anatomy of bitcoin dice game.

The dice used

The most obvious feature of a bitcoin dice game is that it uses virtual bitcoin dice, as opposed to the tradition cubes that are used in regular dice games. While regular dice are thrown on the board to bring a combination of numbers, bitcoin dice involves number generation randomly.

The combinations possible on the dice

Typical dice games are played with numbers ranging between two and twelve. On the other hand, in bitcoin dice, a random number is generated using a number generator, and hence, this number can vary from zero to hundred or zero to thousand, depending on the website used.

Ways to play

There are many ways to play a bitcoin dice game. These ways vary from site to site, and can be based on the same gaming rules that apply to traditional dice games, or altogether new rules. Alternatively, bitcoin dice games with a combination of traditional and new rules are also available. Therefore, before you start gambling on a bitcoin-based online game, it is vital that you double check the anatomy of bitcoin dice games on that particular gambling site.

Checking fairness

Most reliable gambling websites have bitcoin dice games that allow you to cross-check and verify the fairness of the game played, and the outcomes after every dice roll. This feature gives you the assurance that no unfair means were used in the game and the result is a hundred percent accurate and genuine. This isn’t really possible in traditional dice games.

Minimal restrictions

The only restriction that is applicable to bitcoin dice games is that you have to be at least eighteen years old to play them. Other than this one requirement, you don’t have to fill in any details related to your location or identity. Similarly, registering for these games in anonymous mode doesn’t involve filling out your contact details. This provides you all the privacy that you need and protects your identity in the virtual world.

Efficient transfer of winnings

All the winnings in bitcoin dice games are promptly transferred to your bitcoin wallet. Depending on the amount that you have won, no or negligible transaction fee will be applicable. In contrast, going to the bank and retrieving the winning money is a hassle and takes a few days.

If you have a thorough understanding of the anatomy of bitcoin dice, you will be able to bet and win better. Since it allows you to see how much is your bet likely to win, you can choose the betting amount in a way that the risk is minimised.

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