Using A Metal Box For Growing Food

Most people have certain assumptions when it comes to growing fruit or vegetables. In general, they think that sunlight and fertile soil are necessary for this to happen. However, new developments show that it is possible to grow lots of food for yourself in urban environments using a metal box that can placed almost anywhere.

Future Growth

A farming company has developed a way for just about anyone to grow up to four tons of fresh produce in a year using a shipping container. The system is particularly good for growing leafy green vegetables such as Swiss chard and lettuce that can grow fast and close together. It even works in really cold places, where salad greens would normally have difficulty growing. The system uses hydroponics, or growing things largely without soil and using mineral solutions instead to deliver the nutrients that the plant needs to flourish.

If you want to learn more about how hydroponics word in challenging conditions, see this report from The Guardian.

High Efficiency

Research into growing vegetables in shipping containers has encompassed how to make the greens grow faster and become a self-regenerating system. To grow salad greens like this requires seeds, nutrient solutions and a lighting system, all of which can be installed in a shipping container. Much of this research has taken place in the US, where the Department of Agriculture and even NASA have collaborated to help with attaining good outcomes and crops.

To make a metal box to grow your own vegetables without a shipping container, it might be necessary to make one using an appropriate metal bonding adhesive. If you want to find out more about metal bonding adhesive, it would be a good idea to contact a reputable supplier such as They would have plenty of advice and tips.

Anyone with a bit of space can set up a system for growing fresh greens in a metal box. Those carrying out the research believe that this system could contribute to farming systems of the future and help people to become more self-sustaining in a world where there are more and more people and less space for agriculture. Growing your own food can reduce your carbon footprint and can help to contribute to a better environment and a more sustainable future for everyone.

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