Three Reasons To Ditch Your Landline

If you have been reliant on using a landline for your business communications, it may be time to consider making the switch to VoIP. The reality is that as VoIP technology continues to advance, it is likely that in just a few short years landline services will become obsolete. If you have not yet said goodbye to your landline, here are three good reasons to part company in favour of VoIP.

1. Cost implications

Landlines cost more to run than VoIP services. If you are looking for ways to slash your business communication expenses, this is one effective solution that will keep more money in your wallet. VoIP is hosted in the cloud and only involves paying a monthly fee, with no expensive software installation or maintenance needed.

According to, VoIP lets you make free voice calls to other VoIP users via your internet connection, such as through Skype. For added convenience and flexibility, you can also use Apple FaceTime or Facebook video chat to talk for free.

2. If technology failure is a problem

If your business communication systems frequently fail – whether you experience hardware or software issues that may be affected by simple factors such as bad weather – this can be detrimental to the smooth running of an organisation. Failed communications cost money and can make your business look unprofessional or unreliable.

The beauty of using VoIP services from a reputable international VoIP wholesale provider such as is that the services are much more reliable. If bad weather is affecting the line, for example, you can simply divert calls to an alternative number, ensuring your phone settings, features or call recording won’t be lost.

3. Your business has become more flexible

Many businesses now operate on a fluid structure, with employees working remotely or from different locations. This calls for communication systems that are adaptable to this way of working, with a fixed landline number not suiting this arrangement. Using a landline means you will miss important calls if you are out and about and will need to trawl through answer machine messages when you return, wasting precious time and potentially losing business. With VoIP, your communication systems are much more flexible, moving with you so that you can divert calls to your mobile or plug your phone into the nearest internet connection.

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