Six Reasons To Consider Spiral Ductwork

There can be significant advantages in working with alternatively shaped ducts over rectangular. When planning to install ducting, a contractor’s concerns are required space and required pressure, in particular; keeping in mind the space potentially needed by other utilities such as electricity and water.

Many shop fitters / designers feel that spiral galvanised duct has a neater appearance than rectangular variants. Spiral duct can be manufactured in lengths up to 3M as standard and in varying diameters and greater lengths upon request. This reduces the need for unsightly hangers, seams and stabilisers.


The installed cost may be up to fifty percent below those of rectangular ducting when accounting for parts, product, labour and the supply chain as a whole.


Any air leakage in duct joints may result in the loss of energy and may compromise the efficiency of the system as a whole. Good quality galvanised, self-sealing spiral galvanised duct systems will ensure that any given system meets or indeed exceeds the industry standards for air leakage.

In systems in which leakage is all but eliminated, the associated cost of heating, filtering, distributing and cooling the conditioned air is minimised. One study suggests that the implementation of improved airtight systems could lead to annualised energy savings which would be equivalent to the output of 3 nuclear power plants.


Spiral ducting ensures that there is even static pressure system-wide, thereby reducing overall system operation volume.

The very design of rectangular ducting results in air movement which involves dampers, sharp corners and edges, together with turning vanes. Any obstruction to the airflow can add to the noise associated with air turbulence. Spiral ducting presents fewer sharp edges and less noise. provides information on a number of standard and custom made options.


Spiral galvanised duct is not a usable option for many in-wall. applications. Rather, spiral galvanised duct looks and functions best in large, open-air environments such as gyms and industrial buildings and is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants and bars.


Fewer gaps in ductwork reduce the chance of dirt, dust, mould and other unwelcome allergens being drawn into the return air.

Easy Installation

On average, spiral galvanised duct weighs 25 percent less, requires less space, and is faster and simpler to install.

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