What is Curated Directory or List.?

Curated Directory or list can be defined as a directory of websites, resources, tools, or content arranged in various categories by human intervention or we can say manual collection.

With the number of sites on the internet growing by the day, it can be difficult to find the information you are looking for. A curated directory or list is a type of website that helps you find what you are looking for, saving you time and effort.

When someone makes a curated directory it is when they take all their favourite items and put them in one place for easy access. This way, people can find what they like and not have to go through tons of other things to find the perfect thing. For example, if you love makeup but don’t know where to find new products, you can make your own curated directory, putting the websites of your favourite shops together so you have everything in one place.

When you search for something on Google, such as “London Hotels”, the results will most likely consist of a link to an article about hotels in London and an image of different types of Hotels. What you see is a curated directory or list, which is created by someone who knows what they are doing. These lists and directories help people find what they need and want with ease.

In Curated Directory, Experts people create top lists of links about their favourite topics or niche. For Example, I am a Chartered Accountant I can create a curated directory of various resources, tools, and websites for accountants.

For SEO purposes getting listed in a niche, a curated directory is considered a quality link and can help in improving ranking.