What is People Also Ask (PAA)

In this article, we will try to answer the question “What is People also ask (PAA)”. People also ask is a feature that displays questions related to the searched query. It is available on desktop and mobile. PAA is always available but the number of questions depends on the search result. Usually, if the search result has high quality and has a large number of results, the number of questions will be large. For example, when searching for “How to use zoom for business meetings”, the number of questions is large because it has a large number of results. However, when searching for a small topic like “How to use zoom for business meetings on iPhone”, the number of questions is small because it has a small number of results.

On average, only 3% of searchers interact with a “People Also Ask” box. Although this behavior varies widely depending on the query. For example, 13.6% of people searching for supplements clicked on a PAA box.

Google search results also include a ‘People also ask’ or ‘PAA’ section, which is a dynamically-loaded list of questions, shown in order of relevance, that is related to the user’s initial search query.

According to Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, 43% of search queries now show a PAA box:

Listing Few Good Tools to Generate PAA

You can see the example of PAA question on link building