Supporting Your In-House IT Department With Consultancy Expertise

The concept of an IT support consultancy is often associated with small and start-up businesses who have no in-house department; hiring an external firm to supply the technology requirements for a business from a far is a time-effective and cost-effective solution to a firm’s needs.

However, there is also a major role that third party consultancies can play for the support and development of larger companies employing full or part-time members of IT staff.

Many firms hire IT staff who are capable of installing basic hardware and software, as well as troubleshooting problems. They may however lack greater expertise or available time to consider upgrading systems or introducing new methods of communication to speed up or enhance business transactions. This could ultimately be costing an organisation money.

Also, if a company is only large enough to merit one member of in-house IT staff, what happens when they go on annual leave? Even employing a business IT support firm on a project basis can ensure that you do not suffer costly technical ‘down time’ in the absence of your usual member of staff.

With engineers with expertise in a number of programmes and different hardware – including both Microsoft and Apple – a reputable company should be able to offer support on a variety of computer systems.

At Splitsec, our philosophy is ‘an IT helpdesk if you don’t have one, more horsepower if you do’. From our offices we can provide IT support in West Yorkshire including key locations so we offer IT support in Leeds and IT support in Bradford and other areas both remotely and on-site not only to start-up businesses, but also to companies with an existing IT department. Working with your full-time personnel we can suggest long-term projects to upgrade current technologies to enhance the business, providing more efficient and comprehensive equipment to facilitate greater transactions and standard of work.

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