Reasons to make use of our CNC cutting services

Making improvements to your home ensures that you can make it a better place to live while also often adding to its value. However, specialist materials are often required for home improvements such as MDF, chipboard or plywood that have been cut to size. Specialist tools are often required for the precision sheet cutting of materials such as plywood, making it an unwise move to try to do this as an amateur. Instead, if you need cut to size plywood, chipboard or MDF, you are probably best served by asking a specialist supplier and sheet cutting expert for advice.

Not only will such a firm be able to provide specialist cutting services, they will also be able to provide more general information on cut to size materials.

Booker Timber can also help you if you require your cut to size materials to be of an unusual shape. The firm uses the most recent CNC cutting machinery to ensure that you only get back cut to size MDF, chipboard or plywood that has a smooth edge and that matches your specifications exactly. To an accuracy of 0.1mm, we can cut sheets that are as long as 6 metres and as wide as 4 metres, with boards as thick as 90mm. This is done by some of the UK’s largest Beam saws and powerful software that allows us to meet your panel requirements in a manner that is accurate, efficient and fast.

We are able to cut MDF, plywood, chipboard, orientated strand board (OSB), melamine faced chipboard (MFC) and hardboard. Plasterboard and most plastic panel types are also able to be cut by our beam saws. The most efficient way of cutting the boards can be calculated by our optimisation software whenever you require different sizes. This cuts down on waste, keeping the number of required boards to a minimum.

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