Can dating websites predict your future partner?

These days there are so many dating websites available that all claim to be able to find you the perfect partner.
The dating sites may try to match you and a potential partner up by matching your hobbies, personality traits or even your religion. However there are now dating websites that claim to be able to predict the person you will end up marrying.

Plenty of Fish claims to be able to match people up to get married. Although the company does not believe it can work magic for absolutely everyone that uses their site, it does believe that they have a fair idea of which users will end up together.

Writing on the website, Plenty of Fish founder, Markus Frind claims this is also based on years of research that has been carried out.
He said: “ After years of collecting data and trying all kinds of things to predict who will fall in love, who will break up and who will marry- we have finally done it.

“We have a fairly accurate model for predicting who an average user will end up with.”

According to the site, there are three key areas that the company use to try to make this prediction. For instance, they use a chemistry predictor test, needs assessment and the sincerity and stability test. Once these areas have been studied, the site then claims it will be able to predict who the user will end up with or if their relationship will last the length of time.

Some relationship counsellors and experts disagree with the site’s claims. Ken Donaldson spoke to website Stop the Hype and stated that in order for a person to find a partner they could end up marrying they first need to understand themselves as an individual. Those involved also need to be able to comprehend their needs and what they want out of the relationship.

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