Establishing Blame in Car Accidents

Making a successful claim for road accident compensation is not as easy as it used to be. With many fraudulent cases going in front of judges, there has been a crackdown on certain claims and therefore the necessity to gather as much evidence as possible is higher than ever.

The first step to making a successful claim for road accident compensation will be to establish blame for the accident. This is not always easy and many events can conspire to blur the events in people’s minds.

The easiest way to help establish blame is to talk to injury lawyers. They will be able to source the necessary evidence to see who is most likely to be at fault. However, making sure you speak to witnesses at the time of the accident and gather contact details will ensure that they have the best chance to undertake any road traffic accident claims you are able to make, and that you yourself know exactly who was most likely to be at fault from the start.

There are many things that can help to establish blame, from phone records which may prove the other driver was not paying full attention to skid marks which may establish that the other driver was speeding, and not every road accident is going to be as clear cut as it seems. In some cases, both parties may not have been driving exactly in the way they should and it may well then be a case of which act was more likely to have been the most dangerous or have been more likely to cause the accident.

Before trying to make any road traffic accident claims, it is important to be as honest as you can be with your injury lawyer, and to have as many facts at your disposal as possible. Whilst they can establish the most likely person to be at fault, without the full range of information, even the best lawyers may not get you the result you deserve.

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