Marmite takes advantage of pop-up shops

They say people either love it or hate it and it seems Marmite loves pop-up shops.The Unilever brand has rolled out its partnership with department store Selfridges after a trial in the Oxford Street branch, Marketing magazine reports.

Pop-up shops enable companies to take advantage of spaces in prime retail units to install a temporary shop.

One of the benefits of such a strategy is that it exposes members of the public to the enterprise’s products.

Last month, Marmite opened pop-up shops in the Birmingham branch of Selfridges, as well as the Manchester and Trafford Centre outlets.

The shops sell more than 150 branded products, including the relatively new Marmite chocolate range.

And it is not just edible goods that the business is providing. It is also selling tableware, stationery and cufflinks.

Meanwhile, the design of the temporary retail outlets is based on the theme of the ‘great British breakfast table’ and it includes eye-catching objects such as oversized eggs, toast soldiers and giant sausages.

Also, the staff manning the stations are adorned in uniforms intended to represent the distinctive colours of the Marmite jar.

Commenting on the project, Rupert Pick, co-founder of the firm behind it Hot Pickle, said: “Last year, our customers started a petition begging us to re-open. We felt we couldn’t let them down and frankly we had so much fun last year, we thought we’d repeat the Marmite madness.

“We’re back, with more and better products and we can’t wait to spread a little Christmas cheer and the odd smattering of hate.”

As well as selling goods, the pop-up shops are holding themed events over their three-month duration. These include book signings, photo shoots and VIP breakfasts.

In addition, there are comments walls where consumers are being encouraged to declare whether they love or hate the spread.

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