How Safe is Cloud Storage?

A huge proportion of businesses are looking to move away from in-house storage such as rack servers and instead use cloud storage to store their digital information. But is the cloud really as safe as it seems?

Ultimately, there are many problems with any storage approach. By keeping all sensitive information in one localised place, it is at risk of being attacked, either by outsiders trying to hack in with a desire to gain access to sensitive information, or even by those inside the company, such as disgruntled employees with an axe to grind.

However, cloud storage is still in its infancy, and moving all storage to the cloud may also have very serious potential issues associated with it. Not only might the cloud itself be accessed without businesses themselves being able to oversee their information’s safety, but with so many mobile devices being attached to cloud servers, it may only take one misplaced phone or tablet to leave the entire infrastructure open.

Therefore, it is wise to look at using both approaches in different ways. Rack servers and network storage are still extremely useful tools for any business and the right products can make it easy to store information very safely in-house. However, cloud servers can compliment this by offering a very cheap secondary option to allow those at the top of the chain to store data with limited access in case anything happens to those solutions that are stored within the company.

Cloud access can become a huge problem administratively for companies, but as a back up to already installed network storage, such solutions can provide a mere double failsafe for businesses. Ultimately, different approaches will suit different companies, but any business with a need for privacy or fail safe storage is likely to benefit from using both.