Taking on a Car Restoration Project

Folks across the planet will have, at some point, seen an old wreck and thought “That would be awesome done up….” Whatever the reasons pushing those few over the edge into serious consideration – An obsession with car accessories? An unbridled lust for vintage rides and Japanese car speakers? – there are still some major considerations to mull over before cranking that shell onto a truck and making for the garage.

What’s the aim of the project? Financial gain? Personal enjoyment? A family undertaking? Establishing the aim of a car restoration project is vital in terms of budgetary considerations, resources and commitment.

It’s not school, there doesn’t need to be a strict “Monday 12pm-3pm: Welding” schedule, but a general time frame is likely to be advantageous in the long run.

Buying a shell for £200 is one thing, but affording the necessary refurbishment costs is quite another. A cursory bit of research could be all that’s needed to establish whether a project is within workable budget limits.

The average suburban garage is not big enough to conduct restorations under cover. Space to store the car securely, work undercover and house equipment might not be 100% vital for every project, but it’s certainly advisable.

Locating a welder, axle-grinder, or whatever specialist is needed could set a project back significantly, especially if budget is a large concern. A little local research could be beneficial.

Choosing car accessories, seats, seatbelt shoulder pads and car speakers is only a tiny part of the undertaking. A depressingly high number of projects fall by the wayside at the 85% mark. That’s to say that the fun or easier 85% of the work is done…. leaving 15% undone for years due to money, time, whatever reason. The 85% trap is the bane of car restoration projects the world over!

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