Villa holidays in Spain are popular, figures suggest

Many people enjoy the freedom and flexibility of villa holidays in Spain. Such accommodation can provide an excellent base from which to explore the country and can be the ideal way to relax in the sun.

And according to official figures released by the country’s government, the number of people heading to holiday villas in the nation may be on the rise.

The statistics revealed that around 5.2 million foreigners visited Spain over the course of September alone.

This time of year is one of the most popular among tourists as it is not the hottest season but temperatures are still impressive.

According to those behind the figures, this was the fifth successive month of growth in Spain.

Meanwhile, it was also noted that the destination was particularly popular among consumers from Germany and Britain.

Around half of all visitors, including those staying in holiday villas, were from these two countries.

This was despite the fact that people could have chosen to head to cheaper, non eurozone destinations such as Turkey.

Spain has long been a hit with people from the UK, who enjoy its sandy beaches, warm climate and friendly atmosphere.

The country also has something to suit all tastes, with cultural hotspots, areas of stunning natural beauty and, for those keen to kick back and enjoy a drink, a plethora of bars and clubs in particular areas.

Also, the fact that the nation is not too far from Britain by air is another draw for consumers.

Within a few hours, they can be in their holiday location and enjoying the sun. This is significantly more convenient than the more far-flung places, such as the Caribbean, Mexico and northern Africa.

As these recent figures confirm, the popularity of Spain among individuals in the UK shows no sign of decreasing.

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