Pamper That Pooch

You love your little puppy; even the ones who can be little terrors still become as intricate a part of a family as any human could. And because you love him, surely you want to give him a treat now and again, right? Well, when it comes to choosing a bed for your fluffy haired friend, there are many more reasons for getting the right dog bed that just wanting to pamper him.

Giving them the wrong kind of dog beds, or simply shutting the poor pup out in an uncomfortable kennel all night will more than likely lead to the dog acting out anxiety or aggression and tearing its sleeping solution to bits. If the bed is uncomfortable, there is also a higher chance he will simply just try and sleep in your bed instead of being happy with his own.

Then there is the fact that if he is uncomfortable, there is a chance that he will be awake through the night, which can lead to barking and a lot less sleep for you and your family.

So how do you choose the right dog bed? Well, firstly be sensible. Get larger beds for larger dogs, but ensure that there isn’t a great deal of wasted space that could leave him cold in the night. For dogs who are not as young as they used to be, there are orthopaedic beds and memory foam beds that will soothe to sleep even the most frail of pets.

Ultimately, just remember that your dog is part of the family too. And, just like you wouldn’t expect your kids to sleep on a dirty rug, remember to give your pet the same kind of comfort and luxury as the rest of you. They’ll sleep all the better for it, and so will you.

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