Student expresses frustration over printer ink

A student has noted her frustration at not being able to use a certain type of printer ink for her essays.Writing in the Daily Northwestern, Ali Elkin revealed that she has printer cartridges at home that produce blue text.
However, the teachers that mark her work do not accept this style of presentation, she claimed. According to the undergraduate, they do not believe that her decision to use blue printer ink is a practical one as opposed to an artistic one.

For this reason, she has had to rely on the printer cartridges available in the university, Ms Elkin noted.

She said that she is sometimes able to use the printers located in the McTrib or Fisk sections of the higher education establishment.

On this subject, she remarked: “The pile of requisite electronic devices gathering dust in the corner of my closet makes me feel relatively guiltless about this.”

However, when she has no time to make it to these parts of the university, she is forced to use printers in the library and this can be inconvenient, even making her late for some of her classes.

According to Ms Elkin, while the “sleek new Macs” available may “look super cute”, but in fact they require people to enter their NetID and password for each document they might want to print.

She added: “This may not sound like a big deal, but when I am already five minutes late for discussion section and need to print ten different articles, then underline arbitrary sentences to make it look like I read [them], it is a significant increase in the stress level of my morning.”

As a general rule, university students often benefit from having their own printers at home so they can avoid paying over the odds for using those situated in libraries and other public areas.

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