The Different Types of Yorkstone Paving

Yorkstone paving is a type of paving slab which is made from traditional Yorkshire stone. The paving can be cut into different sizes and shapes, to create unique pathways, driveways and ornamental garden areas. This article takes a look at some of the most common types of yorkstone paving, and where you can purchase it from.


Old Yorkstone


Old yorkstone paving is made from genuine, reclaimed Yorkshire stone. Each paving slab will be completely individual and unique. Common features include a smooth, worn face, weathering and natural colouring. All old yorkstone slabs will be cleaned, and come ready squared. They are good when you want to create a traditional-looking paved area.


Priory Yorkstone


Priory yorkstone is yellowish in colour. It provides an extremely hardwearing and durable surface, which will last for over 100 years. They are suitable for paving large patio or barbeque areas.


Manor Yorkstone


Manor yorkstone is an extremely high quality product, that is perfect for use in the grounds luxury properties. It features a beautiful light grey face, that will actually darken slightly with age. It will be buffed to a smooth and even finish, and it has excellent skid resistance when it is both wet and dry.


Rustic Yorkstone


Rustic yorkstone features a rough surface and uneven edges. It creates a lovely traditional paving slab, and it looks great when it is used to make a stepping stone pathway through a garden. It comes in a number of different colours and sizes.


Scout Yorkstone


Scout Yorkstone looks noticeably different to the other types of yorkstone, thanks to its beautiful blue and grey colourings. As the stone ages it will develop a softer and warmer colouring. This type of stone is hardwearing, and will be perfect for paving driveways or pathways.


Before purchasing your yorkstone paving, always make sure you are buying genuine yorkstone, as some companies will be selling fake yorkstone. Use a reputable company that offers a guarantee on all of their products. You can look for yorkstone paving suppliers by searching for companies online. Alternatively, some local hardware stores may stock yorkstone paving.



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