Choosing a suitable domain name – some hints and tips

When you are considering setting up an internet site, it’s quite likely you’ll need to think up a suitable domain name. Here’s a little background on domain names to help you make a start.

A domain name is simply the word made up of letters or numbers that comes between ‘www’ and the suffix, such as ‘com’, or ‘’ in an internet address, or URL. For example, if we take the URL ‘’ then the domain name here is ‘google’.

A domain name is always unique, which is why it’s sometimes known as an identifier. Choosing the right domain name for your site, be it a business or personal one, is a crucial part of creating a convincing web presence. It’s not an exaggeration to say that in a highly competitive arena, such as e-commerce, a domain name can literally make or break a site.

It can help not to think too literally when trying to select a domain name. Whilst it’s a cliché, the phrase ‘thinking outside of the box’ is in-fact most fitting for the Alice in Wonderland world of domain names. It’s not easy to see why Amazon works as a name for one of the world’s most successful online retailers – perhaps because it suggests up a panorama of choices. Whatever the reason, Amazon certainly works as a name.

It’s also worth running your choices past a beady-eyed friend, in order to avoid unintended puns such as the genuine site name for the IP computer software company, ‘’.

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