Choosing the right light fittings can be extremely important. Light alone can totally transform the way a room or area looks. After all, how many times have we walked through cities at nights and been amazed by how beautiful they are only to return in the morning to find that, with the architectural lighting removed, the place suddenly looks extremely ordinary? The same principal can very much apply in our homes, turning even the most ordinary of spaces into a twilight nirvana.

Modern lighting offers a huge amount of choice to achieve anything you want from the look of your room. However, with interiors it is not just the colour, amount and positioning of the light that is going to make a difference, but also the light fittings themselves. Whilst the light itself will undoubtedly make your decor and furniture look far more interesting and attractive, the fittings can actually be integral parts of your furnishings too. The difference between recessed lights in the ceiling and a great chandelier is huge, and the perfect fittings for your rooms can add as much as any other piece of furniture or decoration.

With so much choice available in modern lighting, choosing the right fixtures can be tricky. There are many elements that need to be kept in mind, and doing so will help you far more easily achieve that beautiful night time look that your house deserves.

The size of the fittings is going to be very important as having a huge chandelier in a very small room will undoubtedly be overbearing, whilst having very tiny recessed halogen bulbs in a great hall will clearly not add the right aesthetic. It is also vital to make sure you have a wide range of different types of light too – often people only think about more general lighting, but task and accent lighting can be far more important for those who want to really transform their home with the lights they use.