Why Wood Window Framing Is Better?

The most frequently used material for window installation is uPVC that has become the de facto material for window and door framing. However, wood simply outshines uPVC in durability, reliability, good thermal abilities, lightness, grace and natural beauty. Besides, it adds a classic element to your home, the look and feel of real wood cannot be beat.


Tastes differ, of course, but knowing the advantages of timber may help you to choose better material for your window framing.

  • Aesthetics

Timber window frames look better than other materials giving a natural, pleasant appeal to the property. A wide range of species from maple, mahogany to oak and finish options are represented by manufacturers and carpentry services in Toronto.

Wooden window frames can also be carved, stained or painted to suit your taste and to conform to the look of the house.

  • Easy Repairs

Window repair of timber is very reliable as it can lengthen the lifespan of your windows by years or decades. Proper maintenance and restoration of timber prevents it from rotting away or other possible problems during even severe weather conditions. Therefore, timber window repair is very good investment that will pay off in the end. Your average uPVC windows would probably last less than 30 years.

  • Natural

It is one of the best and most natural insulating materials so you will have comfortable interior temperature of your home throughout the year. This insulation reduces your annual energy expenses by a significant margin, helping you to save a lot of money each year. In fact, wood frames insulates 1,800 times better than aluminum windows. Moreover, it also reduces the emission of carbon from your home in winter months.

  • Resistant

Due to various finishes modern wood framing window options are more resistant to the moisture and wind. Even during any kind of damaging weather conditions like heavy downpours of rain, hail or sleet, your window frames will have the same beautiful look that be changed in a different colour each year just to keep your home unique in your neighbourhood.

  • Eco-friendly

Natural materials produce fewer environmental toxins than artificial options, allowing you adding less plastic to the world.

Nothing looks and feels as good as wood. The range of different kinds of wood ensures that you will find something that perfectly suits your home, choose your own style and openings to transform your property significantly.

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